Multi-Grip Snow Socks Click here

Multigrip Snow Sock, Alternate To Snow Chains - Hi-Tec Fabric Traction & Anti-Skid Assistance.

The Multigrip Snow Sock is designed to be used on snow & ice & is a great alternative to snow chains. Made from a synthetic waterproof fabric, the multigrip increase in the friction between wheel and snow or ice surfaces. As a result the multigrip is effective on snow and ice and gives a much more comfortable ride than traditional snow chains.


ISSE Classic and Super Snow Socks Click here

ISSE Tribologic Snow Socks, TÜV & CE Approved Snow Socks / textile snow chains

These ISSE Snow Socks along with Easy Grips and one other are the only textile snow chains on the market to hold a patent.

Made from 100% polyolefin, these wonders will take up practically no space in your boot or emergency winter kit, but will save you spades of time, and possibly a repair bill: it's no wonder they won a place on the Popular Mechanics: 2011 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Editor's Choice Awards.

Avaiable in Classic (Emergency Use) and Super (Heavy Duty) Ranges

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